Details about aws Founders Fund I

aws Founders Fund I is an Austrian venture capital fund. As co-investors, we invest in high-growth start-ups in their later seed and early stage phase. As a long-term partner, we offer both start-up and follow-up financing.

As a subsidiary of Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH (aws), aws Founders Fund has EUR 68.5 m under management.

The objective of aws Founders Fund is to establish a partnership among equals with portfolio companies and to offer a supportive role in establishing a market position as well as achieving and maintaining sustainable growth. 

Overview of aws Founders Fund I

Venture Capital for Start-Ups

  • You have already developed an innovative product or service? 
  • You would like to launch an innovative product or service onto the market? 
  • Are you a high-growth start-up looking for initial or follow-up financing options? 
  • Are you planning further investments to achieve your first growth spurt?

For the above mentioned and other situations, aws Founders Fund I can become a strong partner on your side. In the past, we have repeatedly proven that our involvement enables companies to unlock further entrepreneurial potential.

We collaborate closely with the management team to enhance the strategic and operative performance of our portfolio companies, without interfering with day-to-day operations. In order to ensure optimal development of their business, our partners are granted excellent access to our international investor and corporate network, as well as our market expertise and the numerous support opportunities provided by aws.