Our investment criteria:

We invest in:

  • Companies headquartered in Austria 
  • No revenues required, max. EUR 10m 
  • Less than 50 employees 
  • Founders must hold equity stakes in the company of at least 25 %  
  • The company was founded up to 6 years ago respectively first sales were generated no more than 6 years ago. In this case, the following size criteria are reduced to 70 % of the above-mentioned figures: number of employees, turnover, balance sheet total
  • Management team with strong execution skills 
  • Highly scalable business model with clearly recognisable benefit to the customer and documented proof of concept or proof of market 
  • Target market with considerable volume and high growth potential 
  • Investment amount between EUR 100,000 and EUR 3m (flexible contract structures) 
  • For mezzanine investments: the company already generates revenues in its core business

We do not invest in:

  • Companies without enough risk commitment of the founders 
  • Reorganisations and restructurings 
  • Companies with trend-based revenues or unclear USP 
  • Some business models in the area of financing, lending and insurance – to be discussed in detail with the company
  • Heavy industry companies​